Turban Group Hardneck – Weakly Bolting

Shandong comes originally from Shandong Province in China.

General Information

Other Names None known
International Names None known
Flavour The flavour is simple and hot when raw but sweeter when cooked.
Storage Short to medium
Growing location Shandong grow well in most states from Tasmania to Northern NSW and inland Southern Qld. Also Victoria, SA and Southern WA.
Growing requirements They like reasonably cold winters and hot dry summers. Plants will go quickly from being almost ready to past the best time to harvest. Watch them and harvest quickly when ready.
Planting and harvest Early planting and early harvest.


  • Shandong garlic
Medium to about 6cm with a flat to convex base. Globe shaped to flattened globe.
Skin colour and texture
  • Shandong garlic
  • Shandong garlic
White to pale mauve skins, strongly purple striped and blotched. Thin texture that flakes easily.


Number and layout
  • Shandong garlic
6-10 cloves usually in two layers with only 2 or 3, if any, in the centre.
Size and shape
  • Shandong garlic
Blocky but rounded inner-angle inner-surface cloves with blunt tips. 2.2 cm tall by 1.5 cm wide.
Skin colour and texture
Strong pink to purple, glossy with purple streaks. Fine skin that is fairly easy to peel.


Size and shape
  • Shandong garlic
Medium plant with leaves more closely spaced than some others.
Leaves Broad leaves folded in the centre, more yellow-green than blue-green.
Young plants
Fast growing with lower leaves at a wide angle to the stem.
Matures Plants mature rapidly when just before harvest.
  • Shandong garlic umbels
The scape is thick and forms an upside-down U.
Umbel and beak
The umbel is turban shaped with a beak that is longer than most Turbans.
Bulbils and flowers Fewer bulbils than some Turbans with 15-30 pink, triangular small to medium, 5x3 mm.
No flowers.