Glazed Purple Stripe Group

Hardneck – Strongly Bolting

At one point Glazed Purple Stripe and Marbled Purple Stripe cultivars were included in the same Group as Purple Stripes. It is now believed that the cultivars of these three groups have distinct differences and far from being sub-groups of Purple Stripe, they are actually as genetically different as all the other Groups. It is a pity that the Group names were not changed to reflect these differences and reduce confusion.

General Information

Flavour Good flavour
Storage Medium storage
Growing location Cooler regions of NSW and Victoria, Tasmania
Growing requirements Does best in cold climates and regions with cold winters, warm springs and hot, but not too hot, dry summers. Will often grow well in warmer regions for a few years but then decline.
Planting and harvest Late planting and maturing.


Shape Symmetrical globe.
Skin colour and texture Silvery- or golden-glazed purple-striped skins. Striping often not as prominent as Turban Group


Number and layout Single layer 6-9 cloves
Size and shape Plumper than Standard Purple Stripe.
Skin colour and texture Purple to bronze cloves with a silvery- or golden-glaze and more intense colours than Purple Stripe. Easy to peel.


Size and shape Robust but slender and upright, very tall.
Leaves Slender and upright
Matures Late to mature.
Scape Slender scape with strong, 3⁄4 to full curl before straightening. Cut scapes to increase bulb size
Umbel and beak Long, slender beak
Bulbils and flowers Small, purple bulbils, usually more than 100, with numerous flowers.