Fino de Chincko Ajofrin

Artichoke Group Softneck – Non-bolting

Originally from Cordoba, Spain, this garlic was imported from the USA by the Australian Garlic Industry Association. Loxton Var. No. 34, CSIRO Intro. No. 135555. The NGPS database number is PI 615424, W6 8412 . At the time of importation, this bulb was around 6 cm with about 16 cloves. Clove weight 1.2gm. Over 20 years it has changed, and now has bigger bulbs (about 7.5 cm) with fewer, bigger cloves. This garlic shows all the characteristics of the Artichoke Group but overseas a garlic of this name is placed in the Silverskin Group.

General Information

International Names Fino de Chincko Ajofrin NGPS database number is PI 615424, W6 8412.
Flavour The flavour is hot at first, but mild in aftertaste.
Storage Medium to long storage, 6-8 months.
Growing location Can be grown from southern Queensland to Tasmania on the east coast. And also in South Australia and Western Australia.
Growing requirements Widely adapted to a number of climates but does best in regions with hot, dry summers and low humidity.
Planting and harvest Bulbs are planted and harvested early.


  • Fino de Chincko Ajofrin
Bulbs are globe to flattened globes in shape, about 7.5 cm in diameter, often slightly oblong. Convex base.
Skin colour and texture
Fine white papery skins. In cooler regions there may be purple blotching or striping.


Number and layout
8-12 cloves generally in two layers. with a sharp internal edge, 3 cm tall x 2.5 cm wide.
Size and shape
Large cloves with rounded edges angled into the centre, 3 cm tall x 2.5 cm wide.
Skin colour and texture White to pale pink with fine papery skin that can be hard to peel.


Size and shape
  • Fino de Chincko Ajofrin
Strong, short, robust plants with leaves fairly close together.
  • Fino de Chincko Ajofrin
Broad, mid to pale green, sometimes more yellow. 45° angle to stem. Fold in middle.
Young plants
Smaller version of the adult plant. Quick to grow once planted.
Matures Early to mid season. Grows and matures steadily, not rapid spurts of growth.
Scape None
Umbel and beak None
Bulbils and flowers Usually none