Silverskin Group

Softneck – Non-bolting

General Information

Flavour Raw: Some hot, sulphurously aggressive, acrid and lacking in nuanced complexity. The best are spicy with sweet overtones, persistently hot at the back of the mouth and very garlicky. Develops slowly.
Roasted: Strong, good depth of flavour, slightly earthy. Holds flavour well.
Sautéed: When sautéed until crisp has delicious strong garlicky flavour, less heat than when raw
Storage Very long, can be more than a year. Good for plaiting as does not usually form a scape.
Growing location Cultivars in this group grow best in New South Wales, Northern Victoria and South Australia. Western Australia.
Growing requirements Grow best in climates with warm to hot summers and mild winters. Prefer low humidity.
Planting and harvest Plant and harvest late. Some cultivars can be planted in spring and still produce a reasonable bulb.


  • Manuel Benitee garlic
Often a bit smaller than Artichoke cultivars. Usually tear-drop shaped.
Skin colour and texture
Satiny white or off white skins.


Number and layout
8-20 cloves (sometimes as many as 40), in up to 3 layers.
Size and shape
Outer cloves wide and flat, inner cloves concave towards the centre, narrower and taller.
Skin colour and texture
  • Silverskin garlic
All colours; red, pink, purple, cream and more. Thin and hard to peel but easier than artichokes.


Size and shape
  • Silverskin garlic
Medium, weakish necks. May lie over a week or more before harvest.
Leaves Narrow, pale to blue-green, quite vertical.
Young plants
  • Silverskin garlic
Smaller version of adult plants.
Matures Late to mature, no hurry to harvest.
Scape None. Will very occasionally produce scapes if stressed by cold or other unusual conditions. Do not bolt in warmer climates.
Umbel and beak Not usually present.
Bulbils and flowers Not usually present.