Creole Group

Hardneck – Weakly Bolting

General Information

Flavour Spicey, hot and rich.
Storage Long
Growing location Tasmania to Nothern NSW. South Australia and Southern WA.
Growing requirements Hot, dry climates. Do not like warm humidity.
Planting and harvest Mid season to late season


  • Rojo del Pais Baza garlic
Smaller, globe shaped usually symmetrical bulbs.
Skin colour and texture
Strong, glossy white sometimes with purple hue, but no striping or blotching.


Number and layout
8 to 12 in one or two layers
Size and shape
Tall slender cloves with sharply angled inner edge.
Skin colour and texture
Bright red, burgundy, purple, bronze some with cream shading and striping. Occasionally pale pink or even white with pink top and bottom. Tight skins, hard to peel, easier after storage.


Size and shape
Small to medium in height.
Narrow, blue-green, quite vertical. Often only 6 leaves but may be 8-10.
Young plants
  • Rojo del Pais Baza garlic
Slender and upright.
Matures Usually mid to late maturing
Although scapes classed as weakly bolting, stronger than others. Upside down U, some curl more. Remove scapes or they will adversely affect bulb size.
Umbel and beak
Long, slender, small umbel. Medium length beak.
Bulbils and flowers
Small to medium bulbils, usually more than 30, pale pink to purple skins.
No or few flowers.