Asiatic Group

Hardneck – Weakly Bolting

General Information

Flavour Variety of flavours, some very good, hot and complex.
Storage Short to medium, 5-7months.
Growing location New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. Also Tasmania and Southern Western Australia.
Growing requirements Cool to warm regions, will tolerate some humidity.
Planting and harvest Early to plant and early to harvest.


Shape Round flat or globe shaped.
Skin colour and texture Pale pink or white often with purple stripe. Strong but splits easily if harvested late.


Number and layout Usually a single layer of cloves, 4-8.
Size and shape Plump and solid with blunt tips and rounded inner edge.
Skin colour and texture Strongly coloured, deep purple or red purple, sometime brown or white, often glossy. Tight skins can be hard to peel.


Size and shape Small plants growing to only 1m when scape is mature.
Leaves Yellow-green leaves.
Matures Goes from being not quite ready to harvest, to past the best time to harvest very quickly.
Scape Short, drooping, thick. Does not need to be removed as scape does not much affect bulb size if left to grow. Appears late in the growth cycle. Plants may not bolt in warmer climates.
Umbel and beak
Distinctive umbel capsule like a dried bean pod with a long beak.
Bulbils and flowers Few or no flowers. Medium to huge bulbils, 3-6 in the umbel. Often deep purple with an extended bulbil sheath.