Chesnok Red

Standard Purple Stripe Group Hardneck – Strongly Bolting

This Standard Purple Stripe garlic cames originally from Ron Engeland of Filaree Farm wh0 donated it in 1994 to the USA National Plant Germplasm System (NPGS) accession collection. It is also listed as having been included in the Leibniz Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research  in Gatersleben, Germany. Garlics from this collection are usually labelled with ALL or K followed by a number. Chesnok Red was originally collected at Shvelisi in the Southern Republic of Georgia in 1985. In the USA it is usually marketed as Chesnok Red. We haven’t found a record for when it was first imported into Australia but it has been available intermittently over the last few years. Bulbils of this cultivar have recently been imported from Canada so it may become more widely available.

General Information

Other Names Chesnock Red
International Names Chesnok Red (NGPS W6 35657; ALL 841) , Shvelisi (K 6811)
Flavour Hot at first, but sweet flavour. Good for roasting; roasted cloves have been used to flavour ice-cream. Flavour improves with storage.
Storage Medium to long storage.
Growing location Tasmania and more mountainous regions of Victoria and NSW.
Growing requirements Grows best in cooler climates. Tall and vigorous so needs plenty of room.
Planting and harvest Mid-season planting, mid to late harves.


Large, globe shaped.
Skin colour and texture
Easy-to-peel white bulb with faint pink streaking.


Number and layout
8-12 in one (occasionally 2) layers.
Size and shape
  • Chesnock Red garlic
Large tall cloves with pointed tips.
Skin colour and texture
White to tan skin with cranberry streaks. Thick and easy to peel especially after a few months storage.


Size and shape Vigorous growing large plant
Scape Strongly bolting with a long, strong scape that does a 270° turn.
Bulbils and flowers Umbels contain numerous tiny to small bulbils (100-200) as well as flowers that have been shown to be capable of producing seed.