Manuel Benitee

Silverskin Group Softneck – Non-bolting

This cultivar is originally from Cordoba in Spain and was imported to Australia from the USA by the AGIA in 1994. Loxton No: 36, CSIRO 135557. In TJ Meredith’s The Complete Book of Garlic, and Penny Woodward’s Garlic Manuel Benitee is placed in the Creole Group. But this cultivar, grown mainly in Tasmania very seldomly grows a scape and is probably better in the Silverskin Group. At one point Creoles and Silverskins were all classed in the one Group and they are quite closely related.

General Information

International Names Manuel Benitee NGPS Database No: W6-8414
Flavour Hot and spicey.
Storage Long for 12 months
Growing location Grows well from Northern NSW to Tasmania. It will also grow in WA and does particularly well in SA.
Growing requirements Doesn't do well if it is too wet, or too humid. Likes dry heat.
Planting and harvest Mid season planting, mid to late season harvest.


The bulb is 3.5-5.5 cm across with a round to oblong shape.
Skin colour and texture
  • Manuel Benitee garlic
Very white, thin, tissue-like transparent skin.


Number and layout 12-15 cloves in two layers.
Size and shape
Cloves consist of 2 distinctive quarter-moon-shaped cloves in outer skins, with 10-13 inner cloves, ranging from three-sided wedge to flattened tall wedge. Short, weak clove tips.
Skin colour and texture Dark, red-purple cloves with buff patching and streaks running up clove length. Clove skins are easily removed.


Size and shape Small to medium, narrow and upright.
Leaves Narrow, blue-green, quite vertical at only a narrow angle from the stem. Often only 6 leaves but may be 8-10.
Young plants Slender and upright.
Matures Slower and later maturing than some cultivars.
Scape A very weakly bolting scape may appear if the plant is stressed by cold.
Umbel and beak Do not usually appear
Bulbils and flowers Do not usually appear.