Australian White

Artichoke Group Softneck – Non-bolting

This cultivar was selected from a single bulb and grown and developed by Roger Schmitke in Waikerie, SA, over 25 years. It was released in 1994.

General Information

Other Names None known
International Names None, this is an Australian cultivar
Flavour Mild, simple, vegetative, not complex
Storage Medium to long.
Growing location Mainly grown in northern SA and Victoria, Southern NSW. But also southern Victoria, Tasmania and WA.
Growing requirements Cold temperate climate, cold winters, warm spring, hot dry summer.
Planting and harvest Mid season


  • Garlic bulb
Flat to teardrop shaped, 6-7 cm with convex base.
Skin colour and texture
Coarse white skins, sometimes with purple blotches.


Number and layout
10-14 in two layers.
Size and shape
Larger flat outer cloves with concave inner surface, 2-3 cm tall x 2 cm wide. Taller, smaller more slender inner cloves. Note the two larger flatter cloves in the picture below.
Skin colour and texture Tan and pale pink to white, fine tight skins that can be difficult to peel.


Size and shape
Short, wide and spreading.
Leaves Broad, pale to yellow green leaves at 45° to pseudostem. Fold in middle.
Young plants Germinates readily, plants grow quickly and resemble adult plants.
Matures Usually mid-season.
Scape None
Umbel and beak None
Bulbils and flowers May very occasionally produce bulbils in the pseudostem in colder climates.