Americky Maly

Marbled Purple Stripe Group Hardneck – Strongly Bolting

This cultivar was originally from North Moravia in the Czech Republic and was imported into Australia from the USA by the AGIA  in 1994. Loxton Var. No: 103, CSIRO Intro No: 135505. In the USA the NGPS database number is PI 540335

General Information

International Names Americky Maly (NGPS PI 540335)
Storage Medium.
Growing location Tasmania, but would also be suitable for colder, mountainous parts of Victoria and NSW.
Planting and harvest Late planting and late harvest.


Small to medium bulbs 5.5-6.5 cm, level base.
Skin colour and texture
  • Americky Maly garlic
Coarse off-white skin with patches of glazed purple


Number and layout
3-7 in single round.
Size and shape
  • Americky Maly garlic.
Three and four-sided, wedge-shaped, and typically 2.5-3.5 cm tall. Elongated clove tip.
Skin colour and texture
  • Americky Maly garlic
Mid brown with dark brown veins and darker brown tones at base. Secondary leaf skin thickly covers cloves and is hard to remove but the cloves themselves are easily peeled.


Size and shape Large tall-growing plant.
Matures Late maturing.
Scape Strongly bolting with strong solid scape. At peak coil it will cross over the scape producing a 270° turn. The scape should be removed when it starts to straighten, as it will reduce the bulb size by up to 30 per cent if left on.
Umbel and beak
  • Americky Maly garlic.
Long umbel and beak.
Bulbils and flowers
  • Americky Maly garlic
Bulbils are medium and numerous, greater than 50, and there are some flowers in the umbel.