Rojo de Castro

Creole Group Hardneck – Weakly Bolting

Originally from Cordoba, Spain, imported from the USA in 1994 by the Australian Garlic Industry Association. Loxton Var. No. 39, CSIRO Intro. No. 135560. The NGPS database number is W6 8417

General Information

Other Names Cuban Purple
International Names Rojo de Castro NGPS database number W6 8417
Flavour Hot, rich nutty flavour. Good both raw and cooked.
Storage Long up to 12 months.
Growing location Grows well from Northern NSW to Tasmania. It will also grow in WA and does particularly well in SA.
Growing requirements It doesn't like to be too wet, or too humid. Dry heat really suits it.
Planting and harvest Mid to late.


  • Rojo de Castro garlic
Round, globe shaped or slightly more flat. Flat base. 5-6cm.
Skin colour and texture
Solid, strong, fine white skins.


Number and layout
6-12 usually in single layer but reasonably often there are a few internal cloves.
Size and shape Tall and slender with a sharply angled inner surface, 2.5 cm tall x 1.5 cm wide.
Skin colour and texture
  • Rojo de Castro garlic
Purple red to teak cloves, some with a creamy base and cream stripes from the base.


Size and shape
Tall, slender, upright.
Leaves Narrow leaves, blue green colour.
Young plants
Slender and upright.
Matures More slowly and mid to late.
Relatively strong but generally drooping rather than looping. Remove scape to increase bulb size.
Umbel and beak Small umbels about 1.5 cm in diameter, medium sometimes flattened beak.
Bulbils and flowers Pink, rounded bulbils, 6 x 3 mm, 20-50?, no flowers.