Rocambole Group

Hardneck – Strongly Bolting

Often seen as the ‘Holy Grail’ of garlics because of their complex flavours, Rocamboles are not well represented in Australia. Many cultivars that have Rocambole in their cultivar name are actually in the Creole or Turban Groups.

General Information

Flavour Deep, rich sweet flavour, hot but not sulphurous.
Storage Short to medium
Growing location Tasmania and cooler regions of Victoria and NSW.
Growing requirements Cold winters, mild spring and summer.
Planting and harvest Mid season to plant, mid to late season to harvest.


Symmetrical, flat globe.
Skin colour and texture
  • Deerfield Purple garlic
Off white with occasional purple/red blotching or streaks.


Number and layout
Usually 6-11 plump, blunt tipped in a single layer. Occasionally up to 14.
Size and shape
  • Deerfield Purple garlic
Plump and blunt tipped
Skin colour and texture
  • Deerfield Purple garlic
Bronze/purple/red easy to peel.


Size and shape
Medium to tall 0.9-1.5m when scape unfurls.
  • Deerfield Purple garlic
Broad, closely spaced blue green to deep green leaves, fan shaped.
Strong, appears early in growth cycle, tight curl one, two to three times 360° to 1080° before straightening. Remove scape for large bulb.
Umbel and beak
Very large. Short to medium beak, spathe turns white as matures.
Bulbils and flowers
  • Deerfield Purple garlic
  • Deerfield Purple garlic
Medium to large, brown/bronze/purple bulbils.10-50, Few if any flowers.