Subtropical Group Softneck – Non-bolting

This cultivar falls into the Subtropical Group and shares its evolution with others in this Group from Formosan to Taiwanese and Taiwanese Purple.

Glenlarge was originally selected by a grower in Toogooloowah, for its potential to produce larger bulbs and cloves than many of the other garlic cultivars grown in the 1980s. Over a 5 year period the largest bulbs and cloves each year were selected and replanted at Queensland’s Gatton Research Station. Once the researchers were sure that the cultivar was stable and regularly produced large cloves under short-day conditions, they called it Glenlarge and made it more widely available. It was released in 1988. See the Production of Garlic here. In 1996, genetic testing by K. F. Bradley et al. showed that Glenlarge was very closely related to Taiwanese Purple, so that may have been the original source of Glenlarge.
This day-length neutral cultivar is a very important cultivar for growers in warmer more northern regions.

General Information

Other Names It is possible that Italian Pink is derived from this cultivar.
International Names None, this is an Australian cultivar
Flavour Similar to Southern Glen. Very good. Raw it has moderate heat initially, with a nice garlicky sweet creole type flavour. Sautéed it is nice with a pleasant garlicky aroma. Best to age the bulbs a little before use.
Storage Medium.
Growing location Grows well in most garlic growing regions of Australia except regions that are cold and damp. A day length neutral garlic, it is quite happy with warmer climates, one of the few that produces well in Queensland and Northern NSW
Growing requirements Easy to grow in warmer climates but needs some care to harvest on time to avoid split bulb skins.
Planting and harvest Planting and harvest both early but about two weeks later than Southern Glen


  • Glenlarge garlic
Teardrop shaped bulbs, 6-7 cm.
Skin colour and texture
  • Glenlarge garlic
White skins with purple blotching, quite coarse texture.


Number and layout 6- 12 in two (occasionally three) layers.
Size and shape Mostly tall slender coves of medium size.
Skin colour and texture
Pale red to pink or tan skins, with the colour stronger as the base. Thin and hard to peel.


Size and shape
  • Glenlarge garlic
Small and slender but strong plants that are upright to about 60cm.
Leaves Yellow-green and upright.
Young plants Slender and upright. Quick to get growing and initially grow much faster than most other cultivars.
Matures Very early. Some seasons the plants may lean over nearing bulb maturity.
Scape None
Umbel and beak None
Bulbils and flowers
  • Glenlarge garlic
No flowers. 1 to 3 bulbils per plant may grow a quarter to three quarters of the way up the pseudostem. They are pink/purple, about 60mm across and will occur in 30-40% of plants. If bulbils are saved and planted at normal planting time they grow to fully formed medium size bulbs or if stopped early, to medium size rounds.