Spanish Roja

Creole Group Hardneck – Weakly Bolting

There are at least two different garlics that go under the name ‘Spanish Roja’. One seems to fit mostly into the Creole Group, the other fits better into the Rocambole Group. The one described here is the former.

General Information

International Names Spanish Roja
Flavour Good hot spicey flavour.
Storage Long up to 12 months.
Growing location Southern NSW to Tasmania, all of SA and Southern WA.
Growing requirements Does not do so well in wet and humid conditions. It likes dry heat.
Planting and harvest Mid season planting and harvest.


Medium to large, 5-6.5 cm, round.
Skin colour and texture
Typical white, tissue-like transparent bulb skins with the pink from the cloves showing through.


Number and layout
There are 11-15 in two layers.
Size and shape
Three-sided, wedge-shaped cloves, 2.5-4.5 cm tall in two layers. Short to medium clove tips.
Skin colour and texture
Strong purple colour, dark purple veins and tan tones on the bottom third of the clove. Skins are easy to remove.


Size and shape Medium, slender and upright.
Leaves Narrow, green to blue-green leaves at small angle from the pseudostem.
Young plants Slender and straight.
Matures Slower to mature.
Scape While this garlic is in a group classified as ‘weakly bolting’ which, among other things, means that sometimes the scape doesn’t grow, with this cultivar it is nearly always present. It is a vibrant white, solid and thick, requiring strong secateurs to cut it. The scape produces an upside-down U-shape. At peak coil, it can cross over the scape, almost producing a 270° turn. Remove the scape as it starts to straighten or the bulb size will be affected.
Umbel and beak Slender umbel and mid-length beak
Bulbils and flowers Small to medium bulbils, 20-50, red.