Porcelain Group

Hardneck – Strongly Bolting

Porcelain cultivars need really cold conditions to do well and in the USA are only found in the far north. They also do well in Canada. There are not many cultivars in the Porcelain Group in Australia, and those that are here would only thrive in Tasmania, or possibly mountainous regions of Victoria or Southern NSW.

General Information

Flavour Hot, strong and sulphurous.
Storage Medium
Growing location Tasmania
Growing requirements Very cold winters and mild spring and summer.
Planting and harvest Late


Shape Large, globe shaped.
Skin colour and texture Satiny, white with occasional streaking of red and purple.


Number and layout 3-6 in one layer.
Size and shape Fat, symmetrical and elongated. Double cloves are rare.
Skin colour and texture Tight white or bronze, red, brown. Hard to peel.


Size and shape Very tall, up to 2.1 m.
Leaves Thick, broad leaves.
Matures Late to mature.
Scape Thick, strong developed early in growth cycle. Coil loosely, erratically, randomly and then straighten. Remove scape for large bulb.
Umbel and beak Large with medium length beak.
Bulbils and flowers Tiny to small bulbils, 100-200, pink, purple bronze. Numerous pink flowers.