Middle Eastern Group

Hardneck – Weakly Bolting

The Middle Eastern Group is not as well defined as other groups. In the USA they are described as having small bulbs, narrow leaves and as being weakly bolting. In Australia, two named cultivars, Kisswani and Yabroudi that are supposed to be in this Group have large, lumpy bulbs, big cloves, broad floppy leaves and rarely bolt.

General Information

Flavour Mild
Storage Medium to long
Growing location Tasmania, Victoria but could be grown in SA and Southern NSW and WA.
Growing requirements Cool to cold winters and warm springs. Will tolerate hot dry summers.
Planting and harvest Early to middle.


Shape Small to large, lumpy.
Skin colour and texture Generally white to mauve with fairly coarse skins.


Number and layout Numerous in layers.
Size and shape Small to large in numerous layers.
Skin colour and texture White, fine and difficult to peel.


Size and shape Slender to thick, medium height.
Leaves Slender to thick.
Young plants Strong and solid.
Matures Early maturing.
Scape Slender and weak and usually upright.
Bulbils and flowers Sometimes bublils in pseudostem.