Dynamite Purple

Creole Group Hardneck – Weakly Bolting

This cultivar may be derived from Rojo de Castro or Rojo del Pais Baza but does seem to have definite differences from these cultivars.

General Information

Other Names None known
International Names None known
Flavour Very hot and spicy both raw and cooked.
Storage Very long to 12 months or more.
Growing location Tasmania to Northern NSW. South Australia and Southern WA.
Growing requirements This garlic likes cold to warm winters and hot dry summers. They do not do so well with high humidity. In cooler regions the bulbs tend to be a bit smaller.
Planting and harvest Mid to late season planting, mid to late harvesting.


Globe to round shaped, can be slightly lumpy and uneven. Convex base, usually 5-6 cm.
Skin colour and texture
Tight white skins, with a faint pink blush showing through on first harvest.


Number and layout
12-15 cloves usually in two layers. Some of the internal cloves in second leaf skin.
Size and shape
Tall and slender cloves with an angled inner surface. 3 cm tall x 1.5-2 cm wide.
Skin colour and texture
Strongly coloured dark pink to burgundy with purple streaks, or deep purple-red. Often tan at the base and some tan striping through the purple.


Size and shape
Slender and upright, stronger and more substantial as it gets closer to harvest.
Leaves Narrow and mid green to blue green. 30 to 40° from the pseudostem.
Young plants
Slender and upright.
Matures Matures slowly, have reasonable time to harvest. Remove scape for good bulb development.
Classed as weakly bolting, this scape is often quite strong, although is usually only makes and upsidedown U, or just weakly bends. Remove the scape for good bulb development.
Umbel and beak
Small slender umbel with medium to long sometime flattened beak.
Bulbils and flowers 20 to 50 small to medium rice grain or bigger bulbils. Pointy at the top, blunt at the bottom, often white.
No flowers.