Rojo del Pais Baza

Creole Group Hardneck – Weakly Bolting

Originally from Cordoba, Spain, imported from the USA in 1994 by the Australian Garlic Industry Association. Loxton Var. No. 41, CSIRO Intro. No. 135562. The NGPS database number is W6 8420.

General Information

Other Names None known
International Names Rojo del Pais Baza (NGPS database number W6 8420)
Flavour Hot rich spicey flavour raw and more nutty cooked.
Storage Very long.
Growing location NSW, Victoria, SA and Southern WA. Warmer parts of Tasmania.
Growing requirements Likes cold winters, warm to hot spring and hot summer and not too much humidity.
Planting and harvest Mid to late season, mid to late harvest. One of the latest in warmer regions, but mid season in Tasmania.


Rounded and globe shaped. Convex base. 4.5 to 6cm across.
Skin colour and texture
  • Rojo del Pais Baza garlic
Solid, strong but fine white skins.


Number and layout
11-14 in one or two layers. Sometimes the internal cloves are enclosed in a second skin with some of the cloves in the outer layer.
Size and shape Tall and slender with sharply angled inner surface, 3.5 cm tall x 1.5-2 cm wide.
Skin colour and texture
Purple-red to brown, some with cream streaking at the base


Size and shape
Upright plants with reasonably slender pseudostem.
Leaves Leaves at only a narrow angle from the stem, blue green to middle green.
Young plants
  • Rojo del Pais Baza garlic
Slender and upright.
Matures Leaves may flop from the middle as they get longer.
Scape Quite strong and thick, needs to be removed to give full bulb size.
Umbel and beak Fairly small umbels about 2cm across with medium, sometimes flattened beaks.
Bulbils and flowers No flowers. Small bulbils with purple tips, 8x5mm. Usually 20-30.