Subtropical Group

Softneck – Non-bolting

Cultivars in this newly designated Group are Glenlarge, Italian Pink, Italian Red and Southern Glen. Although there will be others added soon. The above four probably originated from garlic grown in Australia from the 1970s to the early 1990s that was known as Formosan (the old name for Taiwan) and later referred to as Taiwanese and Taiwanese Purple. DNA testing in 1996 by K. F. Bradley et al lends credence to the Taiwanese Purple origin. The characteristics of the bulbs of these cultivars mostly fitted them into the Artichoke Group, but some of their other characteristics suggest that they might have been more suitably placed in the Creole or Silverskin Groups. But ultimately the AGIA decided that they actually needed a Group of their own.

They are warm climate, day-length neutral (also known as short day) cultivars and are all very important cultivar for growers in warmer more northern regions. More cultivars are being developed and released from the Gatton Research Institute over coming years.

These garlics are characterised by often developing a hard stem in the pseudostem that contains one or two bulbils, but they don’t usually develop true scapes and umbels.

General Information

Other Names None
International Names None, these are Australian cultivars.
Flavour Mostly very good. Usually moderate to hot when raw, with a rich, sweet, spicy flavour. Generally flavour improves if the bulbs are kept for a few weeks after curing and before use.
Storage Most will store from 8-11 months
Growing location These garlics grow well in most garlic growing regions of Australia from the Northern Borders of Victoria and South Australia all the way to Queensland. They don't do so well in regions with cold and wet winters. These are day length neutral garlics, that are quite happy with warmer climates, and in particular produce well in Queensland, Northern NSW and central WA.
They have also been grown in well aerated greenhouses in cooler climates. Although this is still a bit experimental.
Growing requirements Thrives in short day regions which experience reasonably cold winters. Enjoys heat early in spring and will tolerate some humidity. Day-length neutral. Does not like cold and wet winters.
Planting and harvest Early to plant and early to harvest. Can take as little as 6 months to grow in the right climate.


Tear-drop shaped medium to large sized bulbs. 5-8 cm.