Rose du Var

Silverskin Group Softneck – Non-bolting

The Rose du Var cultivar comes originally from France and there are now several registered cultivars in France that are derived from this garlic. For example Moulinor and Christo. In Australia there is also a hardneck Turban cultivar that has been called Rose du Var.

General Information

Other Names None known
International Names Rose du Var
Flavour Hot and strong, not complex.
Storage Very long. These garlic are also good for plaiting.
Growing location Cultivars in this group grow best in New South Wales, Northern Victoria and South Australia. Western Australia.
Growing requirements Grow best in climates with warm to hot summers and mild winters. Prefer low humidity.
Planting and harvest Late planting and late harvest.


Often a bit smaller than Artichoke cultivars. Usually tear-drop shaped with a flat base.
Skin colour and texture
Fine but strong white skins.


Number and layout Usually 10-16 cloves in two layers, although bigger bulbs may have 3 layers.
Size and shape
Cloves have a flat, curved inner face and pointed tips. Inner cloves are taller and more slender.
Skin colour and texture
Cloves are tan at the base and pink at the top with darker pink stripes. Skins can be hard to peel.


Size and shape
Medium, slender plants sometimes with weakish necks. May be slow to develop and may lie over a week or more before harvest.
Leaves Slender, blue green quite upright.
Young plants Young plants are slow to germinate and develop.
Matures Matures slowly, late to harvest.
Scape None.
Umbel and beak None.
Bulbils and flowers None.